Cutting Edge Refrigeration Has Landed in Australia

Setting yourself apart from the rest is the key factor to success, and with SeoulBingo's brand new “Supercooled Slush Magic Freezer”, you're guaranteed to increase beverage sales and achieve results you've only ever dreamed of.

This ground-breaking product is designed to not only keep your drinks cooler, but also stores them at below zero temperatures without freezing to preserve flavour and quality. The Supercooled Slush Magic Freezer works with your favourite beverage - including alcoholic drinks!

The process is simple.

Once the drink is retrieved from the SeoulBingo fridge, a simple tap, shake, twist or pour will transform it from liquid into an ice cold instant slushy that will quench anyone's thirst. Yes that's right, you can literally watch your favourite beverage change into a super slushy right in front of your eyes.

Step 1

Retrieve the drink from the SeoulBingo fridge

Step 2

Simply tap, shake, twist or pour the bottle

Step 3

Watch liquid transform into an ice cold slushy

Step 4

Take a sip!

Place your business at the forefront with innovative refrigeration equipment

Increase sales and productivity, generate buzz and transform your organisation by utilising this one-of-a-kind product. Whether it's for a restaurant, bar, café, canteen, stadium or any other venue under the sun, SeoulBingo's Supercooled Slush Magic Freezer is the fresh approach that will provide your business with the unique boost you've been searching for.

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Product Range

SeoulBingo SG-02


SeoulBingo WG-05 (1 Door)

WG-05 (1 Door)

SeoulBingo WG-06 (2 Door)

WG-06 (2 Door)

SeoulBingo SG-09 (Dual Zone)

SG-09 (Dual Zone)

SeoulBingo teams up with Cope Sensitive Freight

SeoulBingo Australia is committed to customer satisfaction. We have partnered with Cope Sensitive Freight, the largest independent sensitive freight carrier in Australia with purpose built depots located in all capital cities and major ports. This partnership ensures our customers can enjoy the SeoulBingo product range anywhere in Australia.

Australia’s largest dedicated sensitive freight fleet

Cope’s fleet of tailgated vehicles meet the Transport Industry’s strict regulations. Key features of Cope’s vehicles include, air-ride suspension to reduce vibrations as well as internal rub rails, load locking systems and anti-skid flooring to assure products are strapped in safely with no risk of movement throughout the journey. Adjustable multi-layer flooring systems ensure all freight is separated when line-hauling across Australia.

Going the extra mile in customer service

We’re offering our clients a special service to ensure 100% satisfaction. Delivery drivers will unpack, place and plug in your refrigeration equipment upon delivery as well as dispose of any packaging.

Delivery Satisfaction Guarantee

Upon delivery, the driver will request a signature to ensure all requirements and satisfaction has been provided as requested.

COPE truck
Drink Varieties Recommended Temperature Range
Non-Carbonated Non-Alcoholic Water 0°C ∼ -6.0°C
Iced Tea & Iced Coffee
Fruit juice
Sports drinks with electrolytes
Energy Drinks
Carbonated & Alcoholic Drinks Coke, Pepsi, Energy Drinks -6.0°C ∼ -7.0°C
Beer and Ciders Below 6% alcohol content
Alcoholic Carbonated Mixed Drinks Bourbon, Scotch Vodka pre mixed Cocktails 7 ∼ 10% alcohol content -7.0°C ∼ -9.0°C
Wines Red Wine, White Wine, Champagne 11.5%∼15% alcohol content -10.0°C ∼ -14.0°C
Spirits Vodka, Scotch, Bourbon, Rum, liqueur, Port Above 20% alcohol content -18.0°C ∼ -25.0°C∼

* Temperature settings may vary per drink and packaging type to achieve your perfect slush effect.

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